Stumble Guys Guide, tactics and Shortcuts

In addition to the basic gameplay, you can explore some hidden mechanics and strategies in Stumble guys which you can use to get the maximum benefit and boost your winning chances by a more significant margin. In Stumble Guys, you can also take advantage of the bumpy barriers to increase your speed and run at a fast pace to take the lead.

It will be an excellent opportunity to discover these hidden mysteries for players, those who get bored with the same format and natural phenomenon of the game. We will give you a brief overview of these mechanics that will help you beat your opponents and dominate the contest. Are you excited about discovering these unknown facts? Here we give you three secrets,

  • Take advantage of Obstacles
  • How to Boost speed
  • Use of effective Shortcuts

Take advantage of Obstacles

Maybe you are thinking about what kind of barriers we are talking about; chill out! Some maps contain bumpy barriers, which are basically made up of long-rounded bumpy cushions. It is designed so that whoever comes in contact with these bumpy-like structures will bounce back in the opposite direction. The contestants have to take special care of angle and position before colliding with the obstacles like these.

Players can use these to their advantage if used wisely so they can move forward and ultimately outperform their opponents. Additionally, the bumpy barriers have a button-shaped jumper at their heads. You can land on these bounce pads, and you’ll be thrown high in the air, while at the same time, you can cross the most challenging part of the track and lead the race.

Hidden secrets in Stumble Guys

How to Boost your Speed in Stumble Guys

Generally, the pace of movement matters in any running game; if we talk about stumble guys, the moving speed is the same for all the contestants in this match. In addition, various speed-boosting elements are present in specific maps, like speedy ramps in a super slide that intentionally move players faster. If you find it hard to use these mechanics you can use Stumble Guys mod apk speed hack to dominate the competition.

Moreover, there is a round Spin Go-round where players can take advantage of moving floors, but they must use them carefully because if their momentum turns sour, they could get hurt. However, it seems like it carries no weight; however, it can be beneficial if used sensibly. For instance, rotating saws and spinning logs can make a difference and throw you ahead of your rival if executed correctly. I recommend reading our post on how to win every match in Stumble Guys and applying the tips while playing the game. By doing so, you may see positive results in your gameplay.

speed booster

Use of effective Shortcuts to Beat your Rivals

Usually, in every racing game, runners look for some shortcuts to get ahead of their rivals. It has multiple maps with varying difficulty levels and roadmaps if you talk about stumble guys. As we all know, this multiplayer game in which 32 players compete for a winning title makes it difficult for you to lift the winning prize.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could tell you that you can take shortcuts in some arenas to qualify for the top ranks? Most of the stages have some shortcuts; however, players need to understand how to use that path in a short period and reach their final destination before anyone else. These are some most played rounds in which you can use shortcuts.

  • Snow level
  • Space level
  • Pool level
  • Desert level

Note: If you want to learn more about the controls, you can click on this link to read one of our articles where we also go through how to play Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys Guide and Best Strategies to Win

All contestants run at the same speed when the race begins, so how to take the lead? This simple guide will possibly clear all your queries and allow you to use these short paths effectively. Criteria are almost the same for all rounds. First of all, when the race begins, search for different routes, have a close eye on your leading rivals and choose the shortest path cautiously; watch out for the hurdles as you are experiencing this path for the first time. However, it seems like you are alienated from other 31 participants but at the end the path meets to the main route that leads to the winning line.

Here are some guide and strategy that may help you succeed in the game:

  1. In team-based games, it’s important to work together with your teammates to complete objectives. Communicate with each other and help each other out to increase your chances of winning.
  2. Make sure you know what other players are doing: Keep an eye on the other players, as they can knock you off course or push you off platforms.
  3. Make your character stand out from the crowd by customizing it. It can help you identify your character better in the game’s chaos, and it’s also a impressive way to show off your personality.
  4. Watch how other players complete obstacles, as this can give you an idea of the best way to tackle them. You can also learn from other players’ mistakes and avoid making them yourself.
  5. Emotes can be used to distract other players or to help you get past obstacles. For example, you can use the “punch” emote to knock other players off balance. You can also use the “slide” emote to slide under obstacles.
  6. The more you play, the better you’ll get at Stumble Guys. So keep practicing and you’ll eventually become a master.

If any of your rivals use that same path, follow in their footsteps to avoid failure. The sooner your route fuses with the usual path, the greater the chance you will be ahead of your opponents. I am assuming this article proves beneficial for the members of stumble guys. Ultimately, how you execute any trick or strategy matters most, so be very quick-witted and responsive as you take each step. Let us know if you have questions; hoping for your positive feedback.


How you can increase your player’s speed in Stumble Guys?

Taking advantage of bumpers can effectively boost your speed by running into the bumpers at the right angle.

How long is a Stumble Guys round?

Normally, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete a tournament until the last one stands.

Are the people in Stumble Guys bots?

Although players participate from all over the world, sometimes there are some bots present in your match to fill the space of 32 participants.

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