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Stumble Guys 206MB 0.39 Unlock Special Characters Today Android 5.0+


Stumble Guys x Pokemon is a popular battle royale fan-made game that has emerged or combined the animated-looking Stumble Guys with the Pokemon franchise to surprise the fans of both games. Even though it was not released by the original developer, this version has crossed over 1 million downloads on the Google Play store. let’s discuss a brief history of Pokemon. We all watched Pokemon cartoons in our childhood, especially those who were born in 90’s. Without a doubt, Pokemon cartoon was among the favorite cartoon series.

What is Stumble Guys x Pokemon Mod APK

It is a multiplayer online battle royale game where 32 players are gathered on a random field selected by the system full of obstacles, and one who survives till the end will be the winner. It is a masterpiece in the action genre of gaming because of its funny yet challenging gameplay and simple controls that allow everyone to experience this entertaining journey.

If we talk about the gameplay, it seems easy at the start, but as you proceed, the race becomes challenging because of oncoming obstacles and moving obstructions; therefore, a player needs to be alert and watchful at every step. Keep checking out your surroundings and responding with quick reflexes to avoid most of the traps.

If you have noticed, skins or characters in any game is key aspect that draw a distinction among players. This version allows you to choose various Pokemon characters. To give a new touch to the gameplay some new obstacles are also added such as Pokeballs, Voltorbs, and Electrodes. It’s a great collaboration for the fans of Stumble Guys and Pokemon, as now they can play Stumble Guys using Pokemon characters. Those who don’t know the difference between these two games. go through the brief discussion below.

  • Stumble Guys is a fast-paced, chaotic battle royale game where your reflexes and skills are put to the test.
  • Pokemon consists of video games, serialised cartoons, and films. The series is known for its many characters, creatures, and lore.
Stumble Guys x Pokemon

A random character will be assigned to you at the beginning of the game. In any case, you can later modify it according to your preferences. All characters have their own look and power, so choose the one you think suits you best. There are currently 75 characters in Stumble Guys, and players try to unlock a special one to stand out from the crowd. In the mod apk, you have the opportunity to choose any of the iconic Pokemon characters you want. I know you guys must be excited to get this mod version to explore the game in your style!

There are a few limitations from the developer that prevent you from playing with every character in the game, as they are locked and require gems to unlock. It’s a time-consuming process in which gamers usually frustrate themselves and quit the game when they are unable to win the race. So, we have brought the latest version of Stumble Guys x Pokemon mod apk 2024 for our audience, and it is free.

Mod Menu Features

  • Unlimited Money and Gems – Why should you download the modified version? It is because it will take much longer for you to earn gems when you’re playing the normal version. A player can purchase various power-ups using in-game currency, which will help him stay on the field for longer. For player ease, we have arranged this mod version so that everyone can enjoy the premium items of the game for free.
  • Unlock Characters – Once you have downloaded this version, you can play with any character you want, whether it’s a Pokemon character or a Stumble guy. There are a variety of new skins to choose from, including Pikachu, Charmander, Mewtwo, and many more. Now, you don’t need to hassle collecting gems by playing Stumble Guys for hours.
  • No Ads – A sudden popup of advertisements causes players to lose their rhythm and focus, resulting in knockouts. This mod will allow you to enjoy ad-free gameplay without any kind of interruption or distraction.
  • Unlock Maps – When you start playing, some maps are locked, so you cannot play them until you have unlocked them. To unlock these maps, you need to complete certain challenges and missions that are difficult and time-consuming. This mod apk lets you play these maps for free.
Stumble Guys x Pokemon mod apk

Note: It is a game that requires a lot of skills. Here are some tips and tricks to win every match in Stumble Guys.

How to Play Stumble Guys x Pokemon APK

Despite the relatively simple and easy gameplay, the game is difficult to master. It’s easy to figure out how to use the controls. There is an analog to control the movement of the player, and you can swipe left or right to choose the direction in which you have to move your character to avoid obstacles. A jump button is also available to overcome the challenges that arise, such as rotating saws, moving walls, and swinging hammers. Tap the jump button twice and hold for a few seconds to slide in the air.

Here are some tips for playing the exciting crossover between two popular games.

  • Choose your favorite Pokemon character, such as Pikachu, or whatever you like.
  • Learn the layout of Obstacle courses.
  • Collect power-ups, take advantage of power-ups, and get ahead of your opponents.
  • If it’s a team-up match, Work together with your teammates to knockout your opponents.

In the end, everyone is striving to be the last one standing and claim the grand prize. You don’t know when the tables will turn; therefore, you must give your 100% and never lose hope if you’re in the worst position.

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