Stumble Guys Vs Fall Guys, Which is Better?

Are Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys the same game, and if not, what distinguishes them from each other? Most of our users get distracted and confused when they search about any of these games so we have decided to write a separate article on this topic in which we will highlight the similarities and differences in Stumble Guys and Fall Guys. Gamers want to know about the features of both the games therefore they can easily decide which game is more fun to play.

Introduction of Stumble Guys and Fall Guys

Do you enjoy party games that require skill, strategy, and teamwork? If so, you’ve probably heard of both Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys. Both games are battle royale-style party games where players compete against each other in various obstacle courses and a mini-character struggle to be the last one standing. After the success of these two games there are many copies made by different developers to give a similar gameplay such as lol beans, run race 3d and many more.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout was developed by Mediatonic, and released in August 2020 at the time of the pandemic when the trend of the gaming sector was at its peak. It was a huge hit among the games community and achieved downloads of more than 10M within the first month of release although it could only be played on PC or PS4.

Stumble Guys vs Fall guys

Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale was developed by Kitka Games and released in October 2021. There is nothing wrong if we say that the developer of Stumble Guys has inspired by the quick success of Fall Guys and decided to design a game with the same gameplay mechanics, visual styles and features. However, a developer has added some additional and distinct features like unique game modes and much more to make Stumble Guys not look the same copy of Fall Guys.

Stumble Guys and Fall Guys (Similarities and Differences)

AspectsFall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutStumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale
Game TypeBattle Royale-style party gameBattle Royale-style party game
Obstacle CoursesYesYes
Art StyleBright and colorfulCartoonish and blocky
Team PlayYesYes

Gameplay Comparison

The first question that usually comes into gamer mind about Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys is their Gameplay. Both the games have a common aspect of Battle Royale style gameplay in which players are competing against each other to be the last one standing. They both have a variety of obstacle courses making it difficult for the user to advance and get to the next round. These Obstacles are not just complicated, and quirky but also seem funny and give you moments of laughter at your pitfalls. Even you can take benefit from different obstacles performing various actions, click on the link to know more about hidden secrets and strategies that you can use to take the lead easily.

Diverse maps and Lobby size

Both games gives you a variety of different maps to explore with distinct theme of Obstacles therefore players will not get bored of repetitive maps loading again and again. If we look at the mechanics of obstacles in both games, they are not that similar as in Stumble Guys you will face more physics-based hurdles. It has a larger variety of obstacle courses than Fall Guys, and the courses are more chaotic and unpredictable.

One of the major differences between Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys is both allow a varied number of players in the contest. Stumble Guys only pits 32 players so the race must be intense and results will be quicker as only half number of contestants can be qualified for the next round. On the contrary, in the case of Fall guys, there are 60 participants which means it is more challenging to take your name to the next round due to the fierce competition.

A similarity between the gameplay is that both have elimination rounds, in which a limited number of players can get into the final round after hustle, and there is only one winner. In some stages, players have to reach the finish line first, however, in a few cases they have to survive till the end by avoiding falling. 


Another similar aspect is, both games have the feature of being free-to-play, but they do offer in-game purchases and micropayments in their respective stores. In addition, Stumble Guys features advertisements that players can watch to receive rewards such as coins or roulette spins, on the other hand, Fall Guys don’t offer this feature. Battle passes are included in both titles, giving players rewards on free versions and more rewards on premium versions.

Customization Option

Every gamer wishes to customize their character to look unique and special from others. Fortunately, Both games allow their users to customize their in-game character with various outfits, emotes and skins. Although Fall Guys has wider Customization options in the shape of licensed skins from popular media franchises like Sonic, hedgehog and Godzilla. However, Stumble Guys also keep updating their game and releasing many legendary and special skins to make the user stand out from the crowd. We have gathered some most popular skins from both games, have a look at the table below,

Fall Guys Best Skins Stumble Guys Best skins
Dino skinAstronaut skin
Godzilla skinNinja Skin
Witch skinSanta Claus skin
Pigeon skinViking skin
Pineapple skinBanana Skin

Character appearance

One of the biggest differences between the character styles of Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys is their overall design. Stumble Guys features characters that are more cartoonish human faced and less detailed than those in Fall Guys. They have exaggerated features, such as oversized heads, eyes, and limbs, that give them a silly and goofy appearance. Fall Guys characters, on the other hand, have a more polished and refined appearance like a bean humanoid structure. The characters have rounder, softer bodies, giving them a cute and cuddly appearance. If you love to play realistic games I would rate Stumble Guys because of its human image presenting different characters like policemen, ninjas, doctors, nurses and so on.

Match Duration

As Stumble Guys is a mobile game, it needs to be faster and shorter therefore, it hardly takes 10 minutes for a complete contest. There are 32 contestants in a lobby and three rounds to finish the race. A Fall Guys match can last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes since it consists of five rounds and is played on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, so it is quite long. Ultimately, the best game for you will depend on your personal preferences.


When it comes to graphics, there are some noticeable differences between Stumble Guys and Fall Guys. Stumble Guys features colourful and cartoonish 3D graphics that are reminiscent of classic animated TV shows. The Colors are bright and vibrant, with simple textures and basic shapes. While the graphics in Stumble Guys are not as detailed or polished as those in Fall Guys, they still have a certain charm and whimsy that adds to the overall lighthearted and fun feel of the game.

In Contrast, Fall Guys has a more polished and refined look. The game features a variety of bright and colourful environments, each with its unique theme and design. While both games have their own unique graphics styles, Fall Guys generally has more polished and refined graphics, while Stumble Guys has a more simplistic and cartoonish style.

Sound Effect

Stumble Guys features a lighthearted and upbeat soundtrack that matches the whimsical and cartoonish graphics of the game. The soundtrack is comprised of cheerful and catchy tunes that play throughout the game, creating a fun and energetic vibe. Fall Guys, on the other hand, features a more dynamic soundtrack that changes based on the environment and gameplay. Each level has its unique soundtrack that matches the theme and mood of the level.

Collaboration with Big Names

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys, both have collaborate with some renowned names to give an additional touch to the game. Like recently Stumble guys has team up with Hot Wheels and introduced a new map to give it users a totally unique experience as now players will be competing in cars instead of running. Additionally, Fall Guys has collaborated with KFC, Discord, and Prime Gaming. A variety of costumes, levels, and events have been created for these collaborations.

Stumble guys and fall guys

Which Game is better Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

  • Stumble Guys offers a wider variety of game modes and challenges compared to Fall Guys. While Fall Guys has a set list of challenges that players must complete, Stumble Guys features randomized challenges that change every time you play. This adds an element of unpredictability and keeps the game fresh and engaging.
  • It offers a more casual and accessible gameplay experience compared to Fall Guys. The game is easier to pick up and play, with simpler controls and more straightforward gameplay mechanics.
  • Stumble Guys is better than Fall Guys is subjective and depends on personal preferences. While some players may prefer Stumble Guys for its casual gameplay and customization options, others may prefer Fall Guys for its more polished graphics and refined gameplay mechanics.
  • When we talk about platforms, Stumble Guys is supported on Mobile Phones Though Fall Guys can be played on Pc and PlayStation. Because the majority use their phones for gaming and it is easy to carry.
  • If you are looking for a fast-paced, chaotic game with simple graphics, then Stumble Guys is a good choice. If you are looking for a more strategic game with more detailed graphics, then Fall Guys is a good choice.

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys Lawsuit

Although, there are many rumours that the developer of fall guys, Mediatonic has taken a legal action against the developer of Stumble Guys, Kitka Games. There is no such lawsuit between stumble guys and fall guys up till now. Both the games have many similarities in terms of gameplay and overall aesthetics. Both games features a variety of obstacle courses and colorful bean-shaped characters. It is unclear whether or not Mediatonic will actually file a lawsuit against Kitka Games. However, the similarities between the two games have certainly raised some eyebrows. If Mediatonic does decide to sue, it would be a high-profile case that could have implications for the future of the video game industry. In my view, the developer of stumble guys has made sigificant changes in terms of maps, launch numerous characters and emotes to make it different from the fall guys.


It can be concluded that both the games Stumble Guys and Fall Guys have been equally rated by the gaming community because of their unique and fun-filled gameplay where they meet many professionals of the game. Both games have almost the same kind of gameplay, graphics and rules however their differences still exist which we have highlighted in the above article. Hopefully, this article clears all your confusion about Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys. Stay tuned for more updates and informational posts.

It is not a direct copy of fall guys. However, it has some similarities.

It’s difficult to determine whether Stumble Guys is more popular than Fall Guys because there isn’t a clear way to measure popularity. However, as far as platform is concerend, Stumble guys has become more popular because it is played on mobile phones.

In Fall Guys, the copyright would protect the game’s code, graphics, and other elements. Stumble Guys could be sued for copyright infringement by Mediatonic if Stumble Guys copies these elements without permission. However, Stumble Guys could avoid copyright infringement by making minor changes to copied elements. For example, changing the name of maps, the appearance of character, and so on to show the significant changes in the game.

It’s difficult to determine whether one game is original or fake, but since Fall Guys was released first and became successful quickly, it’s possible that the developer of Stumble Guys was inspired by its design and created a similar game with additional features.

Stumble Guys is a game that shares similarities with Fall Guys, but it is not necessarily a ripoff. Stumble Guys is released for mobile users and fall guys is offered on Pc and PlayStation. Although, both games share the concept of whimsical characters navigating obstacle courses and competing against each other however, Stumble Guys offers its own unique gameplay elements and mechanics.

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