Stumble Guys Tournament |New Events, Types, and Rules 2024

Stumble Guys is a battle royale online game where 32 players compete to achieve the winning reward. To keep the game entertaining, the developer continuously updates its features and tries to make the game exciting for its players by launching new options. It allows users to join different tournaments to test their skills, earn prizes and boost ranking. In this article, we’ll inspect Stumble Guys tournament, how to join them, and the different types of tournaments that are available.

Although, there is a custom party option where players can play with their friends in a private room with no random contestants and design the match in their way. However, Stumble Guys Tournament code refers to competitive events among Stumble Guys players that take place within the game. There are two kinds of events in tournaments, one is free and to participate in the main event of the tournament you have to pay a specific quantity of gems. In this contest, players challenge each other and place bets with a substantial amount of gems, which the winner receives once the tournament end.

Stumble Guys New Tournaments

A Shipwrecked tournament is a new event that was released on July 22, 2023 where you will encounter a new map called Shark muda triangle. Shark and Bermuda triangle were the two defining elements of the arena, which were combined to give it its name. Basically, it’s a survival round one who last till the end will be the winner. The level is themed after a shark-infested mudflat and features a number of new obstacles, including sharks, mud, and slippery surfaces. The level starts on a ship with several sharks swimming around. The objective of the level is to reach the finish line without being eaten by the sharks. There is a lot of challenge to the level, as the sharks are fast and can easily knock you down.

Stumble guys New Tournament

Recently, Stumble guys has collaborated with Barbie to promote their film and launch a brand-new Barbie Dream Dash course to the game. Stumble Guys launch new event with name Barbie Malibu Mayhem tournament, that was released on July 14, 2023. This tournament is based on the Barbie Malibu line of dolls, and includes new skins, emotes, and levels.

If you are willing to participate in this new event, it is mandatory to have the latest version of stumble guys installed on your device. Tap on the Barbie malibu mayhem under the tab of event, you will see 2 events with named Barbie malibu mayhem and Barbie Dream challenge. Once you entered into the event, the tournament consist of three rounds with different obstacle courses. One who survive till end will be the winner. With this collaboration, the game has gained new characters and a unique barbie theme that is enjoyed by all players.

  • Barbie Malibu skins: You can unlock several barbie skins such as sparkle barbie, sparkle ken, etc.
  • Barbie Malibu emotes:  There are also a number of new Barbie Malibu emotes that you can earn by participating in the tournament.
  • Barbie Malibu levels: Some new levels are introduced with new twist like Barbie Dream Dash level.
Barbie malibu mayhem

Many players are curious to know are there any bots present in Stumble guys tournament app? It is rumored that a significant number of bots are present in the early rounds of the tournament. Players of all skill levels have a chance to win, since the developers care about everyone’s success. To know more about Stumble Guys bots, Visit this link.

Stumble guys tournament

Types of Stumble Guys Tournament

Stumble Guys tournaments are a great way to test your skills against other players and to win prizes. If you are a fan of Stumble Guys, then you should definitely consider participating in a tournament. It offers you two types of tournaments to compete in.

  • Classic Tournament: It is more like a traditional tournaments where player need to struggle in a series of rounds and reach the final round to be the first one to get to finish line.
  • New Tournament: This is a new style tournament that does not consume a long time and players compete in a shorter round and earn points. Later, winner will be decided on the basis of points, one who have the most points will be rewarded with the maximum prizes.

Furthermore, tournament has 2 categories. A main event with a larger prize pool of gems and a greater number of players joining this tournament, thus making it a mega event. It is paid to join means you have to pay gems as an entry fee. It is usually organized regularly by a third-party organization or sometimes by the developer.

In the other category is small and free with limited rewards as fewer players are competing in this event. The duration of these tournaments varies, a larger event normally lasts up to 3 to 4 hours however the smaller tournament took 1 to 2 hours.

Rules of Tournament

Game in a tournament is not always the same as in these events you are not allowed to use emotes like kick emote, punch emote, etc. Any behavior that gives an unfair advantage to players should be avoided. Moreover, this mode allows you to compete in teams. Alternatively, tournaments can be a collaborative effort where teams compete to earn the most points in various rounds or phases, with the ultimate goal of advancing and outscoring other teams to emerge as the victor. These are the basic rules of tournament that you should be aware of,

  • Each tournament has a set number of rounds.
  • The player who finishes first in each round advances to the next round.
  • The player who finishes last in each round is eliminated from the tournament.
  • The player who finishes first in the final round is the winner of the tournament.

When it comes to tournaments with two or more players, it’s important to remember that the party must be full before the registration ends, and the entry fee will be refunded if the party isn’t full.

How to Join a Stumble Guys Tournament

In order to see where you stand in terms of skill and professionalism, you can participate in tournaments, which is where all the pros gather and participate. When joining the tournament, make sure to read all details carefully, such as the starting date, the duration, the entry fee, and the prize pool of gems you’ll receive.

Here are the basic steps that you’ll need to follow in order to join a tournament,

Step 1: Check the Schedule

Open Stumble Guys and you will see an option for a tournament on the right side of the menu, when you click on this button there are different events in line with different dates and times. As per your choice, you can select which event best suits you. You can also check the official page of Stumble Guys on Twitter to look for upcoming events.

stumble guys tournament code

Step 2: Registration

In this step, you just have to register yourself by providing your name, email, and other basic information. To register for the tournament you have to pay several gems as an entry fee, depending on the tournament. A total prize pool that is rewarded to the winner will be determined by the entry fees paid by all contestants. Usually for normal events registration fee is 15 gems and for main events upto 30 gems are required.

How to join tournament in Stumble Guys

Step 3: Participate in the tournament

It is recommended that you log in at least 15 minutes before the tournament begins and ensure that your mobile screen is clean. An oily screen can make it difficult to control a character’s movement.

Note: If you want to know how to create a clan in Stumble Guys have a look on this article. Once you have created a clan, you will be able to invite other players to join.

Which factors determine the tournament winner

The winner of the Stumble Guys tournament will be decided on the following basis,

  • In this game, players face different bizarre obstacles in a series of rounds. A player who reaches the finish line first will qualify for the next round and who stands still until the end of the survival round will be rewarded with a prize.
  • The second factor to determine the winner is the points earned by each player. These points will be given according to the performance of a player in each round. Ultimately, who have the maximum points will be declared the winner of the tournament.
  • The last factor is time consumption, the objective of the game is to complete the obstacle course as fast as possible while racing against time. Ass player who manages to complete the course in the shortest time is declared the victor.

If you think you have got all-to-win matches in Stumble Guys then you should join a tournament to play big where you will encounter all the best players who make every effort to win this title. The Stumble Guys tournament is an event where you have the opportunity to showcase your talent to the rest of the participants and win a larger prize pool of gems.

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