How to Get Stumble Pass for Free

In recent times, almost every game contains a battle pass, but it can only be unlocked if you have a considerable amount of gems in your account. This premium package has many additional attributes such as special skins, emotes, footsteps and much more that players can obtain from this pass. The goal of every player is to have these exclusive packs unlocked to enjoy the game at its best and boost their self-esteem. I am sure you are also wondering to get this high quality Stumble pass without spending real money.

What is the Stumble Pass?

It is a Battle Royale pass like in every other game which is a reward system that allow players to earn exclusive in game items such as skins, emotes and animations by completing given challenges and performing different actions during the contest. As you complete challenges, you earn XP, which helps you level up your pass and unlock rewards. The Stumble Pass is divided into different tiers, with each tier offering different rewards. Furthermore, players can unlock more rewards by purchasing additional tiers.

The developer of Stumble guys took special care of those who cannot afford to unlock this exclusive royale pass packed with some exciting properties. This game offers you two options, one is paid and the other is free. We will discuss all possible methods of how you can get a free stumble pass for free in detail that can help players to improve their performance.

Stumble pass

It is an online racing sport where players show their skills to dominate the contest and try to be the last ones standing to receive the maximum rewards. All 32 rivals have a default outlook when they start to play for the first time. Meanwhile, as they progress, they get the opportunity to unlock the advanced traits of the game to have a special appearance. While players with unlocked stumble pass made a big difference despite having the same gameplay, everyone else played the same way. What makes this game more appealing is even those players can have battle passes who do not have in game currency in their accounts.

Stumble Guys season pass is basically of 2 types one is free and, the other one is paid. So what’s the difference between both of them? The free Stumble pass offers you 150 free gems and 30 stumble tokens if you complete the following tasks demanded by that pass. On the other side Paid Stumble pass will cost you 1200 gems and in return, it will reward you with 400 gems and 70 Stumble tokens. In total 100 Stumble tokens and 550 gems can be earned through free and paid Battle pass.

Note: If you are very excited to unlock all the exclusive features without any struggle, you can download Stumble Guys Mod APK. It will allow you to utilize all the paid attributes of the game for free.

What does this Battle Pass offers you?

  • Random Special skins
  • New emotes and Animations
  • Footsteps
  • Bundles of gems
  • Stumble tokens

How to Get Free Stumble Pass

If you don’t have enough gems to purchase a premium Stumble pass definitely you will select a free one. Once you have chosen the free mode, just focus on your game and push your limits to give your best performance and claim the winning rewards in the shape of unique skins, gems, and emotes. Although the free pass has limited features but it is easy to acquire by just completing daily tasks. What it reward does is, motivates you to be a better player and improve your game day by day. This act will inspire other competitors also to struggle to survive till the last and collect the utmost prizes as a winner.

Another way is, most of the games offers you to join their official promotions or events and win the exciting rewards. These events in Stumble guys might give you a chance to win Stumble pass and other rewards by completing several tasks and challenges. We always recommend our users to make legal purchases and take part in official events and promotions. As these are the ethical and legal ways to support the game and its developers.

Note: Wouldn’t it be exciting if I told you about some other free ways to get free gems in Stumble guys? Click on this link it will redirect you to that specific post.

How to Get Infinite gems to Unlock Stumble Pass?

Almost every game you play has premium features that are usually paid for. You have to unlock them using game currency such as coins, gems, or cash, depending on what genre you are playing. Some gamers prefer playing games on their mobile phones, while others prefer an easy-to-use display with a wide display, so they play on laptops or computers. The team of Stumble guys has come up with an easy trick to collect gems to experience the pleasure of exclusive Pass.

Stumble pass Old version
  • You have to install the older version 0.29 of Stumble guys.
  • To collect 80 gems, watch 10 ads as watching each ad will allow you to get 8 gems.
  • Now,Β you can uninstall the older version and install the latest version from Google play.
  • Upon loading the game, you will see the gems section, where the gems you earned by watching ads in the previous version will appear and remain.
  • Repeat this procedure more often to acquire more gems.

Hopefully, this little guide helps you in making your dreams come true. As soon as our team discovers any new cheats to make the game easier for your guys, we’ll post update on our site, stay tuned!


No, it will be valid till the season ends, you can check how much time is left on top of season pass screen.

To purchase and Activate this pack you have to spend 1200 gems.

The pass typically lasts for approximately 60 days and offers a range of exclusive challenges and rewards for players to enjoy.

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