How to Get Punch Emote in Stumble Guys

Do you know how to get Punch Emote in Stumble Guys? Probably Not! No need to worry once you read this article you can also take benefit from this special emote. What this emote does is, it will allow you to punch your opponent to knock him out at crucial stage hence increasing your chances of winning. Isn’t it great?

Most of the players are unaware of these special mechanics. They just focus on their casual game and try their best to take the lead and get ahead of their competitors. However, some particular actions might benefit you by distracting the momentum of your rivals by punching and grabbing them off the field.

If you have check the emote list, punch emote is recognized by the punching gloves in the emote section. You must have heard about the following emotes in Stumble guys, called Punch emote, Heart emote, kick emote and golden banana emote and if you are curious about how to get Punch emote in stumble guys for free, we have got you covered.

As you know, this is a long hectic marathon, full of various challenges and hardships that players need to surpass to stay on the field and qualify for the final elimination round. Despite the gameplay being the same for all players, the more skilled one will have an edge. Although you have already seen some of your rivals performing unique acts with the help of a Stumble Guys Special emotes, hardly 10% of players have these special emotes unlocked.

How to get special emote in Stumble guys

Since every player has the same goal of reaching the finish line first and movements are controlled via joysticks and jump buttons, usually used for diving and sliding. However, there are few concealed actions that can only be performed through a specific emote that a paid Stumble pass can unlock so how to get all emotes in stumble guys. Take a look at this detailed and informative post for more information on how to obtain this premium battle pass.

If these unique players get the chance, they will knock you out when they get a chance, so you must be alert and cautious when they are around. Emotes are a medium of interaction for players; they can use different emotes to convey their message and perform surprising actions. These Special emote boost player’s confidence level and allow you to compete with best performance.

How to Get Special Emotes in Stumble Guys

Without any delay lets talk about what these special emotes can do and how you can get them to being the most fierce contestant. It must be fascinating for you guys to know that getting these special emotes will significantly increase your chances of winning. Let’s uncover this secret. The only way to get these magical emotes is you have to unlock Battle pass, i.e paid and you have to spend gems. If you don’t want to spend real money from your pocket and keep it natural so give your best performance, collect maximum gems after winning matches and unlock this Stumble pass. We have also discussed some other ways of how to get free gems in Stumble guys in one of our article go and check it out!

With the release of recent version, there are 4 Special emotes in Stumble guys of which most of the audience is ignorant,

  • Punch emote
  • Heart emote
  • Kick emote
  • Banana emote

Now let’s talk about what these stumble guys special emotes can do and how you can use them for your advantage. These are the following questions that are most likely appear in players mind when they want to use these secret actions.

How to Get Punch emote in Stumble guys

The game does not explicitly explain how to punch in stumble guys, but you can check it out once you’ve unlocked the Stumble Pass. In this Punch emote, a boxing glove is placed on the head of the character. Once a player gets a chance and running alongside to his fellow runner he can knock him out through this punch emote. Although it’s not easy to execute this emote, player need to wait for the perfect moment otherwise it won’t work correctly.

punch emote

How to Grab in Stumble Guys

A special heart emote, also known as grab emote used to hug nearby players and help them to get from one point to another, usually in front of a cliff, crossing the obstacles and hurdles to reach the end line. The best way to beat any difficult stage is to get close to the player who has been unlocked with the heart emote. There is no need to waste any time on overcoming that particular point. These special emotes are usually accessible by those who have stumble pass unlocked, players with these battle pass have a fair advantage over other competitors as it will allow them to beat and knockout the most dominating rivals.

To equip the Heart emote, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Emotes tab in the Settings menu.
  2. Find the Heart emote and select it.
  3. Click the Equip button.

How to Get the Kick Emote in Stumble Guys

Furthermore, there is also a unique emote called the shoe to emote, in which you can knock out any opponent if he gets in your way. Although some think that it is unfair to use this kick emote but it is totally ethical and permissible as it is offered by the game itself on reaching a certain level of game. It would be best if you are careful while using this emote, only slide when you are close to your target and make sure you are sliding in the right direction. Otherwise, it may sometimes cause you to lose a match. Remember you can get this Stumble guys kick emote on the 30th level of premium Stumble pass.

How to Use Banana Emote in Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys banana emote was introduced in 0.43 version. You can use this special banana emote in the knockout rounds and make your rivals fall off the field. Basically, you will throw a peel of banana in front of your opponents to make them slip and get knockout. Make sure to throw in a right direction to use it in your favor. It works this way, the banana peel will be thrown in the direction of your character’s face not according to the camera facing.

To use the banana emote in Stumble Guys, follow these steps:

  1. Equip the banana emote. You can equip the banana emote by going to the Emotes tab in the Settings menu.
  2. Press the Emote button during a game. This will make your character throw a banana peel in front of them.
  3. Other players who step on the banana peel will slip and fall. You can use this to eliminate other players or to simply have some fun.

Final Words

If you’re wondering how to get punch emote in Stumble Guys, you’ll need to collect gems by winning matches and completing different tasks. That’s all about the hidden mechanics; the only thing you need is an unlocked stumble pass, which can be unlocked with the gems you earn by winning the tournament or watching ads daily. You can watch five ads daily to gain a considerable amount of gems, or you need to have a firm grip on the controls to avoid falling and get close to victory to collect maximum gems. The above special emotes will only work. If you cannot wait to unlock these premium features and want to experience the gameplay with these exclusive traits, you can download Stumble guys mod from here.

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