How to Change Name in Stumble Guys 2024

A true gamer is always in search of any special element in a game to give a unique touch, nicknames are one of them. The user name can portray the character’s nature such as aggressive, cheerful, focused, and calm, which can create an exceptional look to be second to none. Make sure to read the complete article in which we will guide you on how to change name in Stumble Guys. All video games require users to choose a name that will be used everywhere for their profile and when rewards are given. 

Most likely a gamer changes their name once he or she becomes proficient enough when the player decides to participate in big tournaments and represent their clan by a unique team name. A game name plays an important role to tell your competitors to which clan you belong. Initially, most people set the name of their character randomly, however, they realize once they reach a certain level that they need to change the name as it defines their avatar.

Stumble guys name

There are only a few games that allow you to change your character’s name multiple times because you might get bored of that ugly old name or you have to change your nickname when joining a clan. Many players want to change their account name but they don’t know the procedure of how to change their Stumble guys name. To deal with this issue we have come up with a detailed guide.

At the start, players are given a random name and Stumble guys name can be changed once for free. So choose wisely. For the First time, Stumble guys allow you to set your account name but if you want to change it in the future, it demands you to spend 100 gems. Oh! It looks like you’re disappointed if you have missed the only opportunity. Don’t worry in this article you will also get a free trick so that you will enable to change your name in Stumble Guys for the second time.

Alert: In case you are wondering How to Change Stumble Guys Name Color to red, green or anything else we have a detailed article if you want to find out how8

How to Change Stumble Guys Name

This brief guide is for beginners so if you have already aware of it you can skip this heading.

  • Open the Stumble guys game on your device.
  • Go to the profile icon, located at the top left corner of the main menu.
  • Once you have tapped on your profile icon, click on the pencil icon to edit, shown on the right side of your current name.
  • Now, enter your desired name on the text field and click on save.
  • Don’t hurry while choosing your name as it will cost you 100 gems if you want to change it later.

Now let’s talk about how you can change your name in Stumble guys if you have already utilized the first opportunity that is free. No need to spend 100 gems to change the stumble guy nickname just follow these simple steps carefully.

Stumble Guys Name Change without Spending 100 Gems

The following steps will enables you to change Stumble guys name as many times as you want,

  • It is better to link your Google Play account to Stumble Guys first to make sure your progress is secure.
  • Launch Stumble guys and click on the top left corner, i.e Profile icon. When you tap on the pencil icon to change the name, it will demand 100 gems to change the name as you have already missed the only chance to change name.
  • Now go to your device settings and search Stumble Guys in the Application folder, Once you have located your game click on clear data.
  • Open that profile icon screen again and simply type the new name.
  • Make sure to follow all steps properly otherwise this trick won’t work.

Each contestant puts his greatest effort into winning the chaotic race to earn maximum rewards, and the winner’s name is hailed by the rest of the competitors. Some of you might be wondering why it is important to have a good stumble guys name. From this point on, you can see the importance of your name since when you succeed in the race, your name will be displayed to all other contestants.

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