Does Stumble Guys Have Bots?

Stumble Guys make its name in the top chart of most-played multiplayer games in 2024 because of its entertaining gameplay and amazing features. The developer keeps updating and bringing some new updates to add more value to its users. In this fun-filled race, 32 players are competing in a hectic race to conquer the winning tag. As it’s a multiplayer game many people have asked a question, Does stumble guys have bots? Therefore, we have decided to write a separate article on Stumble Guys bots to clear all the confusion.

If you are interested in playing this game, it will take a few seconds for the matchmaking to complete while 32 players join the match. According to stats, a new match is played approximately after every 5 minutes, so it is not possible to pair 32 real humans for a new contest every time. Hence, there are few bots present in every match to fill the space.

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It is not specified how many bots are live in each match, it depends on the availability of real-time users. The fact remains that players are more active during the daytime, so you’re more likely to encounter real users during this period. Specifically, Brazil, India, and Indonesia capture the larger proportion of live human users. The presence of Stumble Guys Bots is a lucky factor for players as a greater number of bots makes the contest easier for participants.

How to get bot lobbies in stumble guys

Many of you are thinking about how to recognize a bot in your match. At the start of the game, you can see a player’s name tag. Players with the name tag of Stumble Guys and a random number written after Stumble Guys are bots like Stumbleguys1234, Stumbleguys5678, etc. These bots mostly appear at the start when you have newly downloaded the game or you have created a new account. However, don’t think every time you have a bot lobby you must have noticed there are some real skilled players as well who dominate the contest using different tips and tricks.

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Stumble Guys Bots

As per stats, there are 30 million daily human users who play stumble guys. If you have Stumble Guys bots in your game, there is no harm in having them. Most multiplayer matchmaking battle royale games use bots to fill a certain number of slots. For example, if we take the example of the most played game in the last 2 to 3 years called PUBG, there are almost 25% to 30% bots in a single match which means out of 100 players 25 to 30 are bots. Before going in further detail first we have to understand what exactly bots are?

What does BOT mean in Gaming?

A bot player is a character controlled by a computer rather than a human. The use of bot players in multiplayer games is often a way to fill out lobbies and provide opponents for players of all skill levels. Bot players are typically programmed to follow a set of rules or instructions. They can also be used to test new game features. There are some games where bot players are quite easy to defeat. Often, their aim is poor, and they make predictable movements. Because of these bots, weak players can also feel a sense of accomplishment by defeating these computer bots. Though professional players doesn’t like their existence in the game as they make the game less challenging and are easy to defeat. Overall, bot players can be a valuable tool for game developers and players alike.

In Stumble Guys, there are two types of users, and we will discuss each of their perspectives. The first category of players is those who wish to have a bot lobby to win most matches and earn the maximum amount of gems so that they may gain access to premium features. These Players normally don’t pay attention to their performance instead being more focused on showing others what they got like special skins, stumble passes, and special emotes to become a focus of attraction.

On the contrary, some gamers like to play games with real humans to make the match more intense and competitive. Real players give you tough competition and you have to be on your toes throughout the game to beat them and dominate the tournament. It not only improves your gameplay but also allows you to interact with many talented players and learn from them by following their footsteps and how they are dealing with different challenges. For best results, I’d suggest playing Stumble Guys during the day when there are the most real-time users. This way you’ll get to meet many talented players who’ve unlocked premium features of the game. It motivates you to work hard and earn the most gems to unlock exclusive stuff like special skins and special emotes.

How to Get Bot Lobbies in Stumble Guys

There are two methods to get a noob lobby in Stumble Guys that I have found till now, the first method to get the Stumble guys bot lobby is to play the game around sunrise at 4 to 7 am. In this period there is a greater chance to have a bot lobby as there will be very few active real users and you have the opportunity to win more matches and collect maximum gems.

Secondly, you can create 2 accounts on separate mobile phones. Once you have created accounts on separate devices create a party and join the party with a separate account and start the match. It will seem like hardly any humans are playing with you and the lobby is full of bots if you follow this trick. Thus, you’ll be able to win more matches and crowns.

Many Players want to know how to recognise bots? If you want to identify a bot in your match look at the players movement, they will either move in a straight line or in a circular movement. Bots often made mistakes and get stuck in a corner. If you want to avoid playing with bots try to play the game in peak hours when most of the players are active.

This is all about Stumble Guys bots. If you have any questions related to this topic, feel free to ask. I will try my best to answer your all queries. Stay tuned for more informative articles that will help you to win more matches in Stumble Guys.

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